Take a ghostly tour on the water!

Did You Know  the Lake George area is full of GHOSTS ???

Let Lake George Island Boat Tours take you on a private boat tour to see these famous spots. You never know, one may appear in our boat!!! This tour is a fun way to experience Lake George while learning some spooky history.

Here are some of the stops on our ghost tour:

The Fort

September of 1755, the Battle of Lake George, the first of several clashes for control of the neighboring Fort William Henry.  Some 1,500 French, Canadian and Native American troops clashed with 1,500 colonial troops and 200 Mohawk warriors led by War Chief Hendrick Theyanoguin. Some say as many as 700 participants died in the eventual British victory, and people talk of the surrounding woods being filled with the dead.

There have been multiple accounts of ghostly sightings over the years, including visions of a Native American who is standing in the same pose as the Indian Fountain that stands in the park, and soldiers marching through the woods, as well as the sound of musket fire


Then we have the famous Sagamore Hotel . Built in 1883, twice damaged by fire in 1893 and 1914, the Sagamore was rebuilt in the early 1920s and fully refurbished in the 1930s. The Sagamore was named after "the Sagamore" a Native American character in James Fenimore Cooper's 1826 novel, The Last of the Mohicans. Several of the nearby islands are also named after characters from the book.

This photo, courtesy of The Sagamore Resort Facebook page, shows an aerial view of the resort, located on an island in Lake George, NY.

This photo, courtesy of The Sagamore Resort Facebook page, shows an aerial view of the resort, located on an island in Lake George, NY.

Throughout it's history the Sagamore has been a social center for wealthy tourists and residents of Millionaires Row. Many have seen the same ghosts over and over, so much so that the Sagamore is listed as one of the top 10 most haunted hotels in the United States.

Here are Some of the reported sightings over the years:

A little boy from the 1950s — reportedly hit by a car — hangs out at the Sagamore golf course causing mischief by stealing golf balls and flinging them at the golfers while laughing.

A Women in White enters hotel rooms to frighten guests. She hovers over them while they're sleeping, blowing cold air onto their eyelids.

A women in a blue polka dot dress moves through the hallways and the hotel’s restaurant.

A couple walks into the dining room and proceeds to fight. He flings her to the floor in a rage while she reaches for him from the carpet, only to fade away. They've also been seen in a second floor room.

A blonde woman once spoke to a hotel chef then proceeded to walk right through him. He reportedly quit immediately after the encounter.

Island Haunting

Long Island Campground  In the 1960s a just-married couple on their honeymoon were allegedly murdered in their sleep. Among reported ghost encounters, campers have said they've seen a bride wandering the grounds of the campsites on this island in Lake George.

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